OC Property Management & Sales, Inc.


Q: What types of properties does OC Property Management handle?
A: All types.  We currently manage single family and multifamily residential attached and detached properties, as well as Retail Shopping centers  and Commercial properties.

Q: Where does OCPM do business?
A: We manage rental properties throughout Southern California.

Q: How do you set the rental price on my property?
A: We don't set the rental price on your property, the marketplace does.  We analyze the rents charged for comparable properties in similar neighborhoods and based on the analysis we will make you a recommendation.  The final decision is yours.

Q: How do I get my property ready to be rented?
A: Renting property can be similar to selling property.  It's important that all damage be repaired, the property cleaned, and made move-in ready.  All landscaping should be placed in order, rugs cleaned and a coat of paint applied if necessary.  The idea is to return the property to a crisp new appearance before it is shown and certainly before the pre move-in inspection.  One of our agents would be happy to look at your property and give you suggestions on what should be done prior to showing it.

Q: Who pays for the advertising of my property?
A: We pay the cost of placing your property on the main internet websites.  In addition, we pay for the labor and signs necessary to market and show your rental property.  We also digitally photograph the property and list it on the Southern California Multiple Listing Service.  We can also place print advertisements, at your cost.  However, in our experience, the Internet has proven to be less expensive and more successful than print ads.

Q: Who screens the tenants?
A: We methodically screen each application and present the results to you for your approval.

Q: Who pays for the cost of screening prospective tenants?
A:  We charge the applicant a screening fee to defray the cost of obtaining a proper credit report and checking personal references.  The screening fee is not to be confused with a security deposit and is not refundable.

Q: Will you collect a security deposit for me?  And if so, are there limits to the amount of security deposit I can charge?
A: Yes, we will collect a security deposit on your behalf.  And, yes there are limits on the amount that a landlord can require.  The total amount can be no more than two months rent for unfurnished units and no more than three months rents for furnished properties.

Q. Do you make sure that the gas and electric servces are not turned off when the tenants move out?

A. After the tenants move out the utilities have to remain on so that the property can be cleaned.  We have the services turned on for you and the bill can be forwarded to you or to us for payment.  Generally for our overseas owners we will pay the bill and send a copy with our reporting.

Q. If you list my home for $2,200.00 per month does that mean that you will never lease it for more or less?

A.That is up to you.  We transmit all  offers to the owner.

Q. What is the purpose of the reserve balance in my trust account?

A. In the event of a plumbing leak or some other emergency we maintain a cushion or reserve balance in your trust account so that we can protect your property even if you aren't Available.  Your reserve funds are kept in our trust account and are never co-mingled with corporate funds.  Futhermore the trust account does not earn interest.

Q. What happens to my reserve balance when our agreement expires?

A. The balance in your trust account is returned to you.

Q. Do you have any ownership interest or receive any money from the vendors who work on my property?

A.  Absolutely not.  The vendors we use are paid promptly at job completion.  They do not carry their invoices.  Prompt payment along with reasonable work  volume are two of the reasons for lower vendor costs.

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